Eat Sleep Reheat

Three cups entertainment, a tablespoon of food hacks and fails, and a dash of humor. Plus recipes of course!


Hello, I’m Rose. I travel a lot and I eat a lot. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is not about Instagram-ready food. Well, sometimes it is. But for the most part it’s gonna be #flawfull. Because let’s be honest, sometimes I just eat straight from the pan and I won’t remember to take pictures until I’m licking my fingers. Oh, well.

Here’s a few things about what I plan to do this blog:

The Brunch Series– I’m currently living in Los Angeles, California. My friends and I go to brunch every Sunday, so I’ll tell you a little about our adventures.

Buzzfood– I’m obsessed with Buzzfeed (who isn’t?) and I love their recipes! So I’m gonna try some of them out and let you know how it goes!

Cooking IRL– Every once in a while I pull out my fancy apron -old t-shirt- and pretend I’m Rachael Ray. So this will be my cooking show installment. This is gonna be something to see ladies and gentlemen. Food Network, hit me up. 😉