Hello friends! Today I’m going to tell you about a recipe that I have declared my new favorite (tune in next week for my new new favorite. I’m very fickle this way).

This recipe is for a delicious lamb and orzo stew.  Oye, I’m getting hungry again…

Now I don’t know how much lamb you’ve had in your lifetime-if you live in the US you’ll know it’s hard to find and typically expensive here. But, this recipe is so delish that I recommend dipping into your savings to pay for it. As you can see, my priorities are clearly in order.

Don’t worry, it’s not that pricey. I live in Los Angeles- the land of all expensive things- and I managed to get enough lamb for this recipe for less than $15!

On with the recipe:


What? Did you think this recipe would be one I’d created myself? Bless you for thinking I could be that original. This is EatSleepReheat, the food blog where I take other people’s recipes and inadvertently make them my own through a series of adjustments and substitutions motivated by laziness and poverty. Hmmm, maybe that should be my new tagline…

Now for the substitutions. This is purely for your entertainment. Really, don’t bother reading this part.

  • I skipped the cumin, coriander, and oregano cause I didn’t have any. And the onions cause I don’t like onions.
  • I used whole tomatoes and let them simmer in a pot with stock instead of the canned tomatoes
  • I used about twice as much orzo as was recommended…I recommend you follow the recommendation.

Ooh, okay, Here’s the main difference between his method and mine: I used a crop pot to make this. I don’t have an oven-safe pot (totally the technical term for these, I’m sure).

So here’s what I did: seared both sides of the lamb on a pan and then cooked it in the crop pot for about two hours on its own. Then, I threw everything in in the same order as the British man, but in the crop pot instead of an oven-safe pot.

Okay! Pictures or it didn’t happen, right? Here are mine:


Say hello to my crop pot! This is everything but the orzo.
As you can see, if you put too much orzo it’s less like a stew. #mybrilliantrevelations