Fear not old friends, I have not abandoned you. I have simply been preparing an EPIC Mother’s Day video for you all.

I use the word epic because it gets people’s attention without guaranteeing this video will be good. I’m being purposefully vague here. You know, like when you’re friend asks what you think of her new boyfriend and you say he’s “interesting.” Well this video is the equivalent of that, so set your sights low. But as always, even if you gain nothing from it, I can assure you that you will be entertained.

I have to say, I’ve gained much more respect for TV cooks after trying out this whole cooking video thing. First of all, talking and cooking at the same time is hard. And there’s so much to consider! I mean normally when I write these posts, I’m lying in bed in my PJs, dusting crumbs off my lap, and wondering if it’s weird that my Saturday tradition is not showering. For this video, I actually had to get out of bed, shower, AND put on pants. Can you imagine? For all my hard work, I think I deserve a lot of likes and comments on this post. Go on, give me validation. I’m a millennial, it’s basically my oxygen. Think of it as saving a life.