I love sandwiches

Who doesn’t love sandwiches

Sandwiches taste good


In my past life I was a poet. Can’t you tell?

I think my love of sandwiches started from an early age when  I first discovered bread. I love bread. Don’t worry, I’m all haikued out.

Most of my sandwiches include cheese. I’d argue this is the secret to a good sandwich. Sorry vegans.

Here are a few sandwiches I made recently that I really enjoyed.



Voila. Jalapeno popper grilled cheese. It’s a thing of beauty isn’t it? And if you’re one of those people that doesn’t like spicy foods (I’m not judging…I am…I’m not) then you can take the seeds out. Feel free to make it your own! If you’re one of those people that goes; “Hmm, this would be really good with meat,” I feel you.

I’m An Adult 


This spinach-mozzarella extravaganza can help you deceive people into thinking you’re a responsible adult that eats vegetables. If you’re really trying to impress, you can add roasted peppers and really whatever else is about to go bad in your vegetable drawer. You’re the one that has to eat it, so choose wisely…Unless you have a dog…That you don’t love…

Tomayto, Tomahto 


Believe it or not, I was actually pretty late to the grilled cheese train. I mean I approved of the concept of mixing bread and cheese, I just liked to add other things to the equation. Recently, I’ve turned over a new wedge. Like the Tuscans say; a quality grilled cheese don’t need anything else. In case you’re wondering, a Tuscan has ever said that in the history of Tuscans. But they totally should. 😉

The other reason I found grilled cheese so odd is because I know people like to dip it in tomato soup. You can’t figure out why I had a problem with this? #1 tomatoes. #2 soup. But in the spirit of trying new things, I did my own take on the ‘tomato soup’ part of the equation. What you see here is a watered down tomato paste concoction sprinkled with salt, pepper, and garlic. Yeah…I don’t blame you for choosing to stick with the tomato soup. To each their own.



You gals. I saved the best for last. My mouth is watering. This one is supposed to be a respectable BLT. Meaning I can charge you $10 more for it in my hypothetical restaurant. But how about I don’t do that and you just make it at home? You only need three ingredients: pesto, turkey bacon, and mozzarella. Oh damn. I forgot the bread. Oh well. Have you ever actually seen a # ingredient recipe that didn’t lie about the number of ingredients you’d need? Please enlighten me.

Anywho, I toast this bread with olive oil to give it a more Tuscan feel. Wonder how many times I can randomly mention Tuscans in this blog post…

*I thought I’d grace you all with the incredible names I’d give these sandwiches if I were to serve them in my hypothetical restaurant. You’re welcome.