Life is a toss up. Sometimes you get lemons and you’re able to make lemonade. Other times you get a wine bottle but no corkscrew. But fear not, I’m here to help you get to your adult lemonade. All you need are a few household items, a pinch of desperation, and a whole lot of courage. Are you ready?

  1. The Pinterest-er

For those times when you can’t wait to get to the kitchen and find your corkscrew. This hack allows you to start getting handsy before you’re even inside. Because sometimes you just can’t wait…

Tools: key, strong hands


2. The Closet Drinker

This one is perfect for if you’re already drunk. How else would I human being come up with something like this?

Tools: wire hanger, toothbrush

Did you see him lick the end of his toothbrush? #hero


3. The Overachiever 

Do you have a beef to pick with a cork? This is the perfect way to show it who’s boss and impress your friends.

Tools: flame, tongs, tub of ice, funnel, wire strainer, cheese cloth, pouring aid


4. The Desperate 

Is that wine worth risking your life for? If yes, this last one is the option for you. It involves a shoe, which #1 is weird because most of us agree and that shoes and beverages are not a match made in heaven. But #2, is also a little bit messy and a little bit dangerous. But hey if you’re desperate, this German man will show you how to make this one work….

Tools: Shoe, Wall


5. The Athlete 

I saved the best for last. This one is so quick and simple! All you need to do is find a bike pump…

Tools: bike pump


If none of these methods worked for you, worry not because Buzzfeed has 15 more ways  to help you get your fix. Don’t know about the battery though…