I know what you’re thinking: “this girl really likes chicken doesn’t she?” You are correct! I do! What’s not to love? Unless you’re a vegetarian. But then I suppose you do love chicken, just in a different way than I do. Awks.

Today I am going to grace you with another recipe, also from Buzzfeed’s “24 Easy Meals You Can Make with Rotisserie Chicken.”  I am proud to say, this one was also a success! I mean there wasn’t much room to mess up, but we’re not going to dwell on that.

This recipe is originally from The Recipe Critic . As usual, I made some adjustments. I cut out the onions because I still hate onions. Tangent. Reputable source, I know. Back to the recipe, I used brown rice instead of white ’cause you know, I want to at least pretend I’m being healthy. No comment on the mug cake I had after.

Those were the only adjustments I made to the recipe. Maybe I’m getting better at following directions (?!) On to the pictures!