I’m not gonna say Buzzfeed is copying me or anything-let’s be honest, that card is played out-but I’m pretty sure this whole, coming up with alternative uses for food thing was my idea.* But being the gracious person I am, I’m going to forgive them. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Here’s the Ladylike crew’s latest video about hair masks. Even though they probably seem crazy to some of you, I admit I have put most of these things in my hair. #naturalhairdontcare

Seriously though, mayo is da bomb. So if you can spare a little from your chicken sandwich…

Oh, the lengths we women go through. Let’s have a come to Jesus in the comments below. What’s the craziest beauty trend you’ve ever tried?

* That’s called sarcasm kids. If you have yet to discover it, consider this your introduction.