If you aren’t subscribed to Karlie Kloss’ Youtube channel it’s time to ask yourself one important question: what are you doing? And if you don’t know who Karlie Kloss is then I have another question for you:  where have you been? She is only a Tier 1 member of the Swiftie squad. NBD.

Alright, probably not the best thing to brag about these days, but in all seriousness, Kloss is a former Victoria’s Secret model/baker/coder/newly enrolled NYU student. I know,I know, sounds like I’m describing myself. It’s okay, I can see why you’d get confused.  😉

Klossy recently* posted a “3 Ingredient Pancake” video that is to-die-for**.

Check it out!

And if this recipe makes you feel too healthy, you can always TOP IT WITH BUTTER AND BACON.

I mean, she said add whatever you like…


*By recently I mean a month ago. Don’t judge me, I would have posted this article sooner, its just that my Netflix watch list was getting out of control.

**By which I mean I haven’t tried it because…well, see above.