Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I enjoy more than eating food, but there are plenty of other notable uses for the mess in your pantry.

One of these alternative uses: putting it on your face. Now let me explain, I’m not suggesting you rub your face with stale Cheetos and breadcrumbs-yes, this is what I imagine filling your pantry-but there are a few items in there that hold the secret to skin that is as soft as a baby’s bottom.*

Honey and Sugar

I am big fan of this as a scrub. Simply lick some of the mixture off your face as you apply and kill two birds with one stone! You can remove dirt from your face AND satisfy your sweet tooth all at once. What more could you want?

Perhaps some brown sugar? Say no more.

Honey and Brown Sugar

This mixture is gentler on the skin, and provides some much needed peace of mind from those still victim to the myth that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar. Pick your poison.

Olive Oil 

If you’re hungry, it’s probably best to eat before putting this one on your face. It’s not ideal for snacking like the first two. I usually keep this one on my face for a few minutes and relish in the joy of feeling it trickle onto my glasses and obscure my already poor vision.

This is the perfect finish if you’re going for the whole “baby’s bottom**” look. It cleans off surface stains and leaves your face smelling like an Olive Garden. Talk about a Man Magnet. Or Chick Magnet. Whatever.

That’s it for this week’s edition of “You can eat it or you can…”

Tune in next week  for more semi-useful advice from yours truly.

Bon Appetit,


*Excuse the metaphor. Soft as….a fuzzy pillow? A fluffy kitten? Fill in the blank if the expression offends you 😉

**Sorry, I’ll stop now.