Brunch at The Griddle Cafe

Location: West Hollywood, California

What did I get? Omelette My Soul, Yellow Brick Road

Atmosphere? This place gets pretty crowded. It’s a small restaurant and our group happened to be sitting right next to the kitchen, so it felt a lot like a sauna.

Fanciness meter: 3/10

Crabcakes? Nope. The quest continues.

Give it to me straight, is this place worth my time? Yaas!! The food was delicious. The pancakes are twice the size of your face. They keep things pretty simple here, and it’s relatively cheap. I would definitely go back. I suggest going with a group of friends and getting a couple of different dishes to share, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a week’s worth of pancakes to eat alone!*Just be prepared for how hot it gets in there. Still worth it though! 😉